Why The Waist Trainer Is Bad For You

Why The Waist Trainer Is Bad For You

The Kardashians, Jessica Alba and various other models and celebs are to blame for the latest ‘get slim quick’ trend; wearing the scary waist trainer.

Waist-cinching has been undertaken by burlesque stars and alternative models and fashion followers for years.  The Victorians had their own fashion trend wearing waist-cinching corsets under their crinolines, to obtain the perfect hourglass figure. However, doctors have recently come out in their hordes against them, claiming that not only do they not work, but they can be extremely bad for your health.

Wearers use the garment for hours on end in the hope that their core shape will be compressed and remain that size once they take the corset off.

However, experts generally agree that not only doesn’t it work, natural physiology dictates that your body will return to its usual shape once you’ve taken it off and will never decrease in this way. Not only that but,

  • it can affect your lungs, making it difficult to breathe
  • it could even damage your ribcage. Wearers have been known to be hospitalised with broken ribs or severe bruising.
  • it will make you sweat a lot, thereby causing skin rashes or irritations.

Wearers claim that that because it’s so tight, the sweat it causes will lose inches off your midsection permanently. Hmmm. Do you really believe that?  Planetfem wants to assure its readers that the only sensible way you’re going to sweat pounds off your belly ladies is to pound it out in the gym!

This is one trend that we hope doesn’t take off! Especially not in an age where we are trying to promote healthier body image and acceptance of all sizes and shapes, the war of which it seems we are currently winning! Anyway, Cinderella is so 1990s! We much prefer Princess Fiona anyway!

Check out some more facts about this dangerous new trend at Women’s Health Mag here.

photo credit: Women’s Health Mag

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