Why Celery Can Extend Your Life!

Why Celery Can Extend Your Life!

Love it or loathe it, celery, that strange-tasting bitter stalky vegetable has long been regarded as the dieter’s dream food and doesn’t really have much use otherwise. Ask yourself the last time you bought a stalk. Be honest. Though we all know a Bloody Mary doesn’t taste the same without a stalk to crunch on and pretend you’re being healthy with it. Did you know though, that the innocuous-looking stalk of green is actually packed with health-protecting goodness too?

Celery is so low in calories you could literally eat it all day every day and watch the pounds drop off you, it’s really filling too, despite 1 stalk only containing 2 calories! Is there another vegetable with fewer? It’s incredibly high in water as well, so that’s a double-whammy right therrrr. But here are the little known facts for you: this versatile veggie contains a shed-load of vitamins and minerals including antioxidants, vitamin c, fibre, iron, potassium and folate too. It also contains calcium – and we all know how important a good calcium intake is the older we get for healthy bones, blood pressure and nerve function – maintaining those body functions is(one of the) the key(s) to longer life, trust me. (There you go, that’s the headline promise fulfilled!)

And you know those long dark stems that we always throw away? Chocka with carotene, more minerals and vitamin c too! Just remember, the darker the better!

The high fibre content keeps you feeling fuller for longer so it makes the best snack ever – though not if you dip it in mayonnaise or cream cheese. C’mon, it’s not a miracle-worker! Oh yes, it’s a prebiotic too, which stops you from feeling bloated! Ok, maybe it is!

Not only does it do the above but it also slows dementia, protects against cancer, lowers blood pressure, and the best of all… can aid a good night’s sleep. Bet we can guess what’s the first item on your shopping list now!  Check out the dedicated website Love Celery for more facts and wicked recipes and fresh ideas! Though we still think it tastes best in Bloody Mary’s… just sayin!

photo credit: The Frugal Feminista

source Love Celery


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