Wellness: Walk Off Christmas Dinner

Wellness: Walk Off Christmas Dinner

Maintaining wellness over Christmas is hard when all you want to do is eat, vegetate, drink, slob and repeat.

Did you know that just two slices of Christmas cake equates to 550 extra calories? That a small serving of cranberry sauce contains 45 calories? And dollop that on to a plate which consists of roasted potatoes, sausages in bacon, mince pies, stuffing, followed by rich, double doses of cake and cream, it’s no wonder January is the month we all drag our big butts to the gym!

But there’s one way you can still enjoy your Christmas blow-out and avoid the gym: walking! Walking off the extra calories over Christmas is an easy way to ensure you get the best of both worlds – eat to your hearts content, without piling on the pounds!

According to Ordnance Survey, the average person walks at around 2mph, so if you walk at that speed for one hour, you’ll burn off about 150calories! If you walk faster than that, obviously you’ll burn off a lot more. As the daily calorie intake for women is 2000 and men is 2500, a minimum walk of three miles is perfect. If this seems like a marathon to you, remember you’re walking not running, so if you get all the family and friends out together, you get to talk and laugh and check out the sites on your way too!

Use an OS getamap  online to look up local walks in your area, or download walkit.com, the urban walk planner and plan a walk to visit your friends and family after lunch on Christmas day!

There are some great examples of walks and what you can burn off on the OS website: 

London Sights Walk, London: 8 miles walking from the Tower of London to Oxford Street, taking in the famous sights of London. Burn off 550 calories – that’s two slices of Christmas cake.

Bath to Keynsham along the Avon River, Bath: 7 miles walking along the riverAvon through Bath and along the cycle track to Keynsham. Burn off 450 calories equivalent to two ‘pigs in blankets’.

photo credit: teamsugar

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