Wellness: Keep Healthy This Winter

Wellness: Keep Healthy This Winter

Wellness means beating back those bugs during winter, which for some of us (me included) seems to be very difficult to do. 

I am on my third ‘bug’ of some description in the past six months. I always seem to pick something up when I take a break from working hard, or when the seasons change. And as we have just passed the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, and as we should be slowly creeping through the coldest days of the year, I’m determined to get prepared and make some small changes to my lifestyle, even though all my body wants to do is hibernate. So what exactly do I need to do to keep healthy through the remaining winter months?

1. Get rid of your accumulated sleep debt

On average the modern working society sleeps six-and-a-half hours a night. This, according to the experts is much less than the seven to nine hours recommended or healthy minds, bodies and souls.

During the winter months, we tend to sleep more because we are forced to, thanks to the longer nights, therefore this is the optimum time to play catch up. Check out how to get a good night’s sleep.

2.Scrub up!

Without trying to trigger OCD in any of you,imagine how many objects you touch a day that have been touched by other people, some with illnesses that are spread through bacteria.  People sneeze, covering their mouths but sneezing or coughing into their hands. Then they open that door, or hold on to that rail. The best way to combat this is to wash your hands frequently which limits the transfer of viruses, bacteria and other sick-making microbes  The best way to ensure you’ve washed your hands properly is to wet them, then lather up with soap or antibacterial wash for at least 20 seconds to dislodge any bacteria or germs. Rinse well under running water. .

3. Dose up on Vits

Nothing tastes better than stodgy carbs on a cold winter’s day, However, what you really need to be eating is fruit and veg, especially during these months. And you know it! If you want something sweet, reach for a Sharron Fruit or a Kiwi or a good old-fashioned apple!

Read more about getting your 5 A DAY here and you can find recipes for 10 warming hot meals here.

4. Porridge is the breakfast of Champs

This season is perfect for yummy porridge and it’s the best way to start a day in terms of energy and healthy, warming goodness. Oats have lots of vitamins and minerals and is full of fibre too.

Make your porridge with semi-skimmed and honey, rather than rubbish sugar. Add some dried fruit or cut up some fresh fruit and you’ve easily and yummily hit the first of your 5 A DAY target.

photo credit: Shuttershock

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