Vegan Cooking With Wine

Vegan Cooking With Wine

If you have recently turned vegan, or, perhaps you’re a vegan veteran but lacking inspiration or ideas to keep mealtimes yummy and interesting, you should definitely check out this popular Instagram page: #vegancookingwithwine (Vegan wine, of course!).

Run by Anna Wallington, this vegan warrior is trying to make the world a better place, one recipe at a time with her delicious, practical, easy to follow, FUN cooking. Anna works full-time, is a successful photographer, MA student and wife to boot, so her recipes aren’t full of hard-to-come-by, timely, costly ingredients and instructions. While country folk might be able to easily get their hands on straight-from-the-farm seasonal veggies, this woman lives a modern city life, so she uses ingredients most city-dwellers will already have in their fridges and cupboards or can pick up from the local supermarket on the way home from work. Along with the (vegan) wine, a most important ingredient which isn’t wasted in the recipe but is the perfect accompaniment to any successful cooking experience (remember Keith Floyd – hiccup!).

Anna Wallington - aiming to save the world, one vegan recipe at a time!

Anna Wallington – aiming to save the world, one vegan recipe at a time!

Check out one of our favourites below, the ‘Clean Your Fridge’ breakfast. Anna has used the leftover bits of veggies from her fridge; those stray cherry toms rolling around in at the bottom of the veggie tray, those odd few potatoes left over from your Sunday roast (why are there always three left over?). Chuck them together into a pan and not only have you not wasted any food (go eco-warriors!), you have also created a delicious, nutritious veggie salad for breakie (or lunch, dinner, snack or accompaniment!). What better way to start the day! Here’s the recipe, in Anna’s words.

Warm lentil salad (main photo):

• fry some red onion and mushroom in a pan with a bit of olive oil. I used 1 portobello mushroom and quarter of a large red onion.

• add boiled potato. I had 3 baby potatoes in the fridge from the other day. You can use as much or little as you like.
• add cooked lentils and turn the heat off as you just need the lentils to warm up.
• add tomatoes or any veg of your choice
•season to taste with your favourite spices
•serve on a bed of greens of your choice • add hummus ?
• enjoy ?✌️

Fun, easy, tasty, healthy and eco-conscious. For a vegan, you can’t get a better sentence, nor recipe, than that!

Keep an eye out for Anna’s Vegan Cooking With Wine channel coming soon to Youtube, too.

photos: Anna Wallington

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