UK Heatwave 2015 Brings Govt Health Warning!

UK Heatwave 2015 Brings Govt Health Warning!

Poor old Blighty: no sooner does the sun comes out and the UK Heatwave 2015 (well, a week of it, at least) is announced, does the government starts frightening people out of it with warnings it could be ‘dangerous’.

As Britain prepares for what is predicted to be the hottest week of the year so far, officials have spread their doom and gloom across the nation’s press, warning that the 34C conditions could be “dangerous” with the MET office issuing a Level 2 health alert saying the weather could be dangerous for the ‘very young and the very old’.

Thr heatwave is said to be caused by extreme heat blowing over the island from Iberia and France meaning Brits are going to enjoy tropical conditions across central and southern areas, and even as far as Scotland.

Whilst the southern coast of Spain enjoyed 43C heat over the weekend, Sky News weather presenter Nazaneen Ghaffar said;

“The heat from these areas will be sucked up towards the UK on southerly winds from Tuesday when most places will be largely fine and dry with plenty of sunshine,” she said.

“Wednesday will be another sunny and hot day for the majority and parts of the South East could see temperatures up to 34C or possibly even higher.”

The hottest day in the UK ever recorded was in 2006. Wisley recorded a temperature of 36.5C in July of the year.

Nazaneen said: “Although many of us like to enjoy the hot and sunny weather, it is advisable to do so safely and also remember that some people are more vulnerable than others to the heat, in particular the elderly, the very young and those with a chronic disease.”

“The extreme heat also comes at a time where some are fasting as part of Ramadan. It is important for those fasting to keep cool during the day and well hydrated after sunset and before sunrise.

“The high heat and humidity are likely to cause thunderstorms to break out, giving some locally torrential downpours, frequent lightning and the possibility of hail. Night times will be very muggy and uncomfortable to sleep in as well.”

“And finally, don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun if you’re heading to Wimbledon this week. It’ll be sunny and hot, especially so on Wednesday.”

story source: Sky
photo source: Evoke.IE
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