Balance: Turmeric And Sage For The Mind

Balance: Turmeric And Sage For The Mind

The healthier your diet, the healthier your body, we all know this. But nutritional deficiencies can also affect your mind causing mental fatigue, stress and other imbalances. We take a closer look at the mental benefits of every day herbs such as turmeric and sage.

We at Planetfem often write about the singular health and delicious benefits of a wide range of herbs, such as  turmeric and sage, oregano and thyme. Not only do they bring a wonderful array of flavours to food but herbs are also well-known for their restorative and calming attributes. Sage and turmeric are two of the most common, yet most powerful herbs which are probably sitting in your kitchen cupboard now!

Sage is a wonderful brain food. A British research team conducted a study of its therapeutic properties on a group of forty-four adults from eighteen to thirty-seven years old.  Some were given  sage oil in capsules whilst others took the placebo of sunflower oil. The results were impressive: those that took the sage oil had significantly better memory skills. In fact, the participants who took the sage displayed improvements in their immediate and delayed word recall scores. Their moods also improved. The research team thus concluded that sage may be beneficial to Alzheimer’s sufferers.


The spice turmeric, which is mainly used in curries, has been long known in Asian countries to be a powerful food which helps to protect the brain from disease.  Greg Cole, PhD, associate director of the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Centre at the University of California in Los Angeles conducted some studies which concluded that the yellow pigment in turmeric, curmerin, is a potent weapon against the build up of plaque and inflammation in the brain both of which have been linked to Alzheimer’s.

Check out this gorgeous recipe which combines both in mouth-watering bliss: Honey, Sage and Turmeric Buffalo Wings! 

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