Transgenderism: Getting Rid of The Stigma

Transgenderism: Getting Rid of The Stigma

Even in 2015, when society is more open and open to diversity than ever before, TRANSGENDERISM AND TRANSGENDER PEOPLE FACE SIGNIFICANT DISCRIMINATION AND STIGMA…

Trans people don’t walk this hard road for fun and the stigma and torment from negative, ignorant parts of society make that road rockier and more dangerous than it needs to be. All because of education. In the largest survey of trans and gender-non-conforming people to date,  6,450 individuals were spoken to and the researchers found that more than 40 percent of respondents had attempted suicide, compared to less than two percent of the general population. The majority of those surveyed admitted to having been bullied or harassed in school, 61 percent had been victim to physical assault, and 64 percent had been sexually harassed. All because of how they were born. Unacceptable society!

american Aydian Dowling  is a Youtube star, transgender man and advocate for transgender issues. In April this year, he decided to pose for the publisher of transgender-focused magazine FTM, recreating a famous pose for the magazine’s April 2015 issue.

Remember Maroon 5 singer Levine’s naked pose  for Cosmopolitan magazine back in 2011 with nothing but two hands protecting his modesty? back in 2011 – yep, it’s  that one – and who would you say – objectively mind – had the better body?

Adam posed for the iconic snap to raise awareness of testicular cancer. Aydian posed to raise awareness for cisgender (both male to female and female to male) people, and answer the ignorant question, ‘ what does a transgender man look like, anyway?’Umm, he looks like a – wait for it – man!

Two photos. Two powerful messages. Four years have passed since Adam Levine stripped down for Cosmopolitan UK, with then-girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna covering his privates, to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer. Now, for an upcoming issue of transgender-centric magazine FTM, publisher Jason Robert Ballard worked with trans model Aydian Dowling to recreate the very same portrait. "Some areas of my body used to remind me of everything I'm not," Dowling is quoted as saying. "Now they represent everything I am.


Aydian said of the photo, ‘Some areas of my body used to remind me of everything I’m not, now they represent everything I am.’ He documented his four-year transition from female to male in a series of YouTube videos which you can watch below.

Photo source: FTM Magazine

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