The Single Best Exercise Ever!

The Single Best Exercise Ever!

Imagine you’re in prison (for a crime you did not commit, of course), stuck on a desert island alone or trapped in a basement somewhere in a dystopian world with noone but yourself for company and no idea of how long you’re going to be there. What would you do with your time?

Talk to yourself, sleep, carve wee pictures into the walls with your fingernails, talk to yourself and… exercise. Yes, despite how you felt about exercise in your previous life, this is probably the time when you would finally stick to an exercise regime. But you don’t have much room in this cell of yours and definitely no gym equipment nor anything that could be used as such, so, what meaningful exercise routine could you do in the space that you have?

The Burpee, of course! 

The Burpee is generally considered to be the most efficient exercise there is. Ever. By all the experts (Do a Google search, go on!). You don’t need any equipment nor space and this is the one exercise you can do which will tone your entire body and speed up fat burn at the same time (that’s if somehow you’re being fed in there).

The Burpee combines cardiovascular and strength training in a single move so you get double the benefits in half the time. It works every muscle in your body – your legs, your core,  your arms and shoulders, so each part get the same treatment.

And if you want to push yourself and get even more from the ultimate exercise move – go faster and add in a hop or a push up at the end of the Burpee, or all three!  No matter your fitness level, age or size, you’ll feel alive, motivated and you’ll sweat too – perfect!

Check out this video for instructions on doing the perfect burpee!

photo credit: ShredFat

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