The Mind: New Year, New Mindset

The Mind: New Year, New Mindset

Did you know the mind has an in-built function which means that if you set it to positive mode, you really do have more chance of achieving your goals?

Just attempting to have a more positive outlook can give your body and mind the kickstart it needs to becoming more successful, or to keeping your resolutions. Why? Well, when the brain is positive, neurochemicals like dopamine are released which turn on the part of the brain that allows you to perceive success and process more information. Thinking negatively or being pessimistic actually causes the brain to feel threatened, thereby closing it off to new opportunities. Did you know that, according to the experts, your brain is three times more creative when it is in positive mode, so whilst it’s good be positive all year round, a positive mindset at New Year is crucial and more likely to bring you success and set the mode for the year to come?

So, start the New Year as you mean to go on! This week we will give you two ideas a day on how to become more positive and achieve your goals through changing your mindset. 

1. Start by congratulating yourself. Don’t take away from what you achieved last year. If it was to stay alive, keep your head above water or even not put on much weight – recognise it and feel happy you have achieved something. This is practical because the brain actually releases chemicals called accelerators which give us more energy as we perceive being closer to our accomplishments. So starting by thinking you’ve achieved nothing, tells your brain you are at zero and means it is further away from releasing those success accelerators.

Do this all year round. Instead of making a daily, weekly list of all the things you haven’t yet accomplished, write down all the things you have. When your brain sees all those ticks, it will release the goodies, thus putting you into a more positive mindset, which means you’ll have more brain power to speed towards the rest of your goals.

2. Start your day with a positive email or phone conversation.  I love this one and I’m going to do this with my besties. Too often do I start the day with a negative call to a friend to moan about being tired, having a heavy workload ahead, no money, blah blah blah. I’m surprised I have friends left. From now on, we should all start the day by writing a positive email to anyone – a friend, family, client or employee or even a stranger. Set off the positive head space vibes in yourself and others and wait for those vibes to bounce back!

photo credit: Hurt 2 Healing

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