The Mind: Feel Happier!

The Mind: Feel Happier!

Happy is as happy does: fact. The mind is easily trained, believe it or not. All the experts agree that the sustained happiness we all crave, the pursuit of which is even written into US constitution, can be ours if we are willing to make small changes in our lives. Below are some ideas which will help you become a happier person.

Live for NOW. – Whilst planning for the future might be fun, sensible and in some cases, necessary, the present is the only time period guaranteed. It only takes a few sudden, significant changes in your life to realise that. Deaths, break-ups, health scares. If you take nothing else from these atrocious experiences, at least take the truth – that right now is the miracle of life. So, with that in mind, stop harping on  about what did or didn’t happen in the past. Because it’s gone and cannot be changed and history dictates that none of us really learn from the past anyway – if it even did exist! (Seek out Dr Elizabeth Loftus’ Ted talk: ‘How reliable is your memory‘)  Learn to live in the ‘here and now’ because seriously, this is it. Tomorrow may indeed never come.

THIS IS A BIGGIE: Start to enjoy what you already have. – This is linked to living in the here and now above. Whilst aspiration and ambition are both useful emotions, they can also hinder true happiness and negatively sour what you already have in life. We must all aspire to something – it is important to dream or else our lives would be very boring and monotonous. However, some dreams or ambitions take a while and a lot if hard work to get to – what will you do in the meantime and once you get it, what will you do then? Appreciate what you have now, it is enough, you are alive, breathing, fed, loved, you love. These things are not rights – some people don’t have them – any of them. If you do, then be grateful for that whilst you fight the good fight to get the other things you want in life. Enjoy what you have right now.

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