Sweaty, stinky feet? Try these natural remedies

Sweaty, stinky feet? Try these natural remedies

This beautiful weather we’re having is one possible guarantee that along with the sun, sweaty feet shall befall us… most often with some quite unpleasant smells. Our feet begin to smell due to bacteria’s which come into contact with our feet and break down proteins which cause the smell.  It only gets worse when our feet are closed up in dark, damp shoes with little air. The following tips however do provide an easy solution to prevent the stink.

Tip 1 –  Start the day well by washing you feet and make sure your dry them properly.


Tip 2 – An antiperspirant for feet is perfect and helps keep your feet dry. Do make sure you use the right type and apply them to the right places.


Tip 3 – Change your socks twice a day. If you notice your feet sweating and have the opportunity to put on a fresh pair, do it. This prevents bacteria from building up too.


Tip 4 – Treat yourself to a lovely foot bath. Add a tablespoon of rosemary and sage – these herbs kill bacteria and it smells delicious.


Tip 5 –  Scrub je feet every now and then with salt. Exfoliating your feet like this will also ensure the removal of dead skin and leave your feet feeling smooth.


Tip 6 – If possible wear shoes made of natural materials like cotton or leather so that you feet can breath.


Tip 7 – Add a little talcum powder to the inside of your shoes so that nasty smells can be absorbed.


Tip 8 – If your feet have been sweating in your shoes then make sure you give them a chance to dry before wearing them again. Wear a different pair of shoes the next day for example.


Tip 9 – Use the washing machine! Shoes can be washed as well you know. Chuck them in every now and then and let them dry naturally.

Easy as pie!


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