Sober September Superfoods: #1 King Kale

Sober September Superfoods: #1 King Kale

How’s Sober September going for you? Feeling healthier, energised and raring to go? This week, I’m going to give you the low-down on the most energising and nutritionally-packed foods available, to help you optimise that stronger, detoxed and alcohol-free body of yours!

First up is the king of all superfoods: King Kale.

Those thick, curly, green leaves are fabulously packed with goodness such as as antioxidants, Vitamins A, C and K, beta-carotene, calcium, iron, folate in far higher dosages than any other vegetable in the field; 4 times more magnesium and calcium than those yukky Brussels sprouts; more Vitamin C than carrots or spinach and more folate than broccoli!

*Vitamin K is an essential vitamin which helps the blood to clot, dampens inflammation throughout the body, reduces cardiovascular disease and helps to strengthen your bones and Kale delivers a health-busting 1,376%RDA of vitamin K in each cup! The antioxidants are cancer-busters (breast, ovarian, gastrate and prostate) and Kale has over 45 different types. It has phytochemicals leutin and zeanathin which are said to protect against cataracts and it is also used to treat osteoporosis and even rubbed on the skin in liquid form to treat spider veins, scars, bruises and stretch marks!

King Kale is also a perfect pal for detoxing as it promotes liver functon and is kind to your gut. It has zero cholesterol and there’s apparently only 36 calories in each cup – your perfect Sober September Superfood. 

So how can we incorporate this power-punching veggie into our lives?  Easy! 

  • Add a handful or three to fruit or veggie smoothies – remember the pulp is the fibre so include in your drink or set aside and
  • lightly steam with a knob of butter with your lunch or dinner
  • Add lightly steamed kale to omelettes, soups, even to your spaghetti sauces –
  • Add chopped raw kale to your salad greens to perk up both taste and nutrition
  • mash some kale with potato and black-eye beans – yum!

NOTE: * As Kale has a high vitamin K content, please e aware that it can interact with and/or lessen the efficacy of some medications, especially those for blood thinning so be sure to check with your GP about possible interactions.


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