Strange Cures That Work!

Strange Cures That Work!

Before you turn to your regular cupboard full of synthesised pharmaceuticals, check out these strange cures that work (though, rather odd) for common ailments and problems. Trust us, you’ll be nicely surprised and a tad impressed!

Cure No1: Vodka

Use: Smelly feet!

Have you or your partner tried every product on the supermarket or pharmacy shelf to quell your pungent feet? Has this summer (mini) heatwave been ruined thanks to the waft emanating from your cheddars? Instead of downing the vodka to numb your embarrassment, soak your feet in it! Pour some vodka on a flannel and wipe them down to get rid of the stench. Vodka is basically rubbing alcohol, though far more expensive and tasty. Alcohol is a fab antiseptic and also drying so it will destroy the odour-causing fungus and bacteria. At the same time, it will dry out the sweat which creates the ripe environment for the nasty smells to grow.

Cure No2: An Apple

Use:  Sparkly, white teeth!


Forget the vitamins and minerals and blah blah that fruit contains and think shallow vanity. Did you know that crunchy fruit and veggies act as natural toothbrushes when you chew them; cleansing the mouth and tooth enamel, removing stains! Dentists can confirm that apples contain malic acid which helps dissolve stains. So, if you don’t give a monkeys about your five-a-day but DO care about your appearance, you wee vain minx, you, get crunching on the regs!

Cure No3: Duct tape

Use: Killing off Warts

This is perhaps the strangest of them all, but if you suffer from those unsightly, annoying warts on your hands (if they’re anywhere else, you’d better see a doctor!), try this cure and be prepared to be stunned. Apparently, covering warts with duct tape gets rid of them better than freezing them off, according to a study published in the Archives of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. The study recorded that by applying a piece of duct tape to the warts it eliminated 85%  after 2 months, compared with 60% which were frozen of traditionally!

Apparently the chemicals in the tape suffocate and kill off warts! To try this yourself simply clean the area around the wart, cut some tape slightly bigger than it, apply it and sub it into place. Try to keep it on for 3 days. Remove it then file the dead skin underneath with a foot scrubber, pumice stone or nail file. Repeat this until the wart disappears.

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