Stay Healthy On Holiday!

Stay Healthy On Holiday!

If, like me, you are going on holiday soon and concerned that all the good work you’ve done by cutting out naughties and exercising more might all have been in vain once you clap eyes on and smell that full-board hotel buffet and bar, follow our tips below on how to stay healthy on holiday and you’ll come back leaner, fitter and happier than ever!

1) Think smart! Holidays mean meals are prepared for you, be it full-board or eating out – you will not be in control of what goes into your meals nor how they are cooked. So get knowledgeable. Remember to stick to foods that are raw, baked, grilled, or barbecued. Still delicious, but much better for you than deep fried Mars Bars!

2) Share!  Most restaurants will dish out huge portions which, if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll know can be enough for two! So share, share, share!

3) Get walking! Instead of getting cabs five or ten minutes down the road – stretch those legs, enjoy the clement weather, walk and check out the sites!

4) Get active! If your hotel has a gym – use it! You’ll feel so proud of yourself after the first session, we bet you’ll visit a couple more times, at least! Don’t like the gym? Get in the sea and swim, swim, swim! Or play volleyball with the kids!

5) If you’re going on a driving holiday:  pack plenty of healthy snacks!  Snacks are important to stave off hunger which could lead to rash, rushed food choices at service stations. Keep your motivation high. Pack water, vegetable sticks, rice cakes, even a few mini sandwiches – salmon, cucumber – yum yum.

6) Choose alcohol with fewer calories! Stay off the beer and wine and stick to gin & tonics!

Come back warmed, refreshed, and healthier than you went away!

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