Squats Are Easy!

Squats Are Easy!

Squats:”how you can be doing them for a month then realise you have been doing them wrong?” said my wee friend, a woman I have never seen break a sweat other than to reach for her cider and fags, in all the years I’ve known her. However, she has a point. Squats are easy once you know how, however when you don’t, squatting to go to the loo has more value!

Once you DO know how to do them, squats are the most perfect pain in the derriere you could ever wish for, so if you want to give JLo a run for her culo, then you’d better follow our easy ass squatting instructions below!

After which, by the way, you could try the Huff Posts 30 day squat challenge and get that chachanga ready for the thong bikinis which are en trend for this summer!

The Perfect Squat (for you Minxy)

  1. Place your  plates of meat shoulder-width apart, make sure your hipshakers are in line over your knees and your knees with your ankles.
  2. Pull your shoulders as far back and down away from your ears as you can – they’re allergic and they’re trying to escape. Trust me. Do it now. Make sure you back rounds (concave) so you don’t stress out your lower back.
  3. Arms out straight as if you’re about to do a Sargent Major or a penguin impression. They should be parallel with the ground, face palming it.
  4. Take a deeeeeeep breath, unlock your hips as the knees begin to bend.
  5. this is the IMPORTANT BIT:  Stick your batty OUT!Keep the rest of you upright and straight but your butt sticking out.
  6. Now, lower your hip join into a squat towards the ground and push forward, taking in turn with each leg if you are a pro at squatting with both. If not, do what you can. I
  7. tighten your core exhale and push up into standing position, pushing down into the floor with each foot to gain balance.

Squats are the real deal living room/kitchen/hallway/bedroom exercise for your bum and thighs!

Try the Huff Post Squat Challenge as below… good luck with that!


photo credit: Body Building Motivation

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