Spin your way to good health!

Spin  your way to good health!

Do you like cycling as a form of exercise but you don’t have time to get out there or you’re afraid of the danger of cycling in the city? Why not try Spinning class at your local gym?  

Spinning is a form of indoor cycling on bikes that do not move. It’s an aerobic workout, therefore cardiovascular, is set to high-energy music, led by a certified instructor and it burns calories big time. Most classes are between 30 and 60 minutes and are fantastic for people who are looking for an invigorating workout during which they are motivated to do their best by an instructor. It requires neither rhythm nor complex moves and is low-impact, so suitable for people like running but need to balance their exercise routine with a lower impact class or activity and also for people who have joint problems. Your instructor gives you general guidelines about how much fast to go, what gear to use, how hard you should be working, and when to stand, sit, sprint, then it’s up to you to pay attention to how you feel and give all you’ve got. You will be given recovery time, time to go slower or use less resistance but one of the good things about such a class  everyone feels a bit of pressure to keep up so you push yourself harder. 

You should expect to feel fatigue throughout your leg muscle  during your first Spinning classes—even if you’re used to working out and going to the gym. But don’t stop pedaling. At the very least, keep your legs moving slowly. Stopping suddenly during any exercise has risks (like fainting), so if you feel tired, simply reduce your resistance, slow down and take some time to catch your breath before starting on again.

Wear whatever is comfortable for cycling and bring at least one water bottle and a towel as you’ll sweat buckets. Which means you’re burning calories and that after all, is the point to any exercise. Though actually it CAN be fun, like Spinning class! 

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