Why Spaghetti Squash Nutrition Facts Are So Impressive

Why Spaghetti Squash Nutrition Facts Are So Impressive

Spaghetti squash nutrition is incontestable: it’s low G.I, high fibre and packed with vitamin B, oh, and it’s a perfect substitute for pasta. This veggie should definitely hold the no 1 spot on your weekly shopping list.

The spaghetti squash nutrition diet was all the rage in 2013. Sales for the veggie rocketed internationally and all the TV chefs loved it Why? Not only because it is fibre-rich, low-carb but mainly because it looks and act very much like spaghetti – and we all know how naughty spaghetti is for us- making it the perfect trade-off. Unfortunately, despite being last autumn’s must-have ingredient, I’ve yet to see one in my local supermarket, although good old Tesco’s do have them online.  

Break open the yellow skin of a yellow pumpkin-looking spaghetti squash, cook it, and watch the fleshy insides fall into spaghetti-like strands before your eyes. And if, like me, you look at it and feel a bit weirded out by its stringy yellow self, hiding inside an innocent looking veggie,  just cook it, notice how yummy it is, how full it makes you and contemplate how few calories you’ve consumed in your hefty dish. Trust me, you’ll want to eat it every day. Check out this wicked recipe for spaghetti squash and meatballs I found online and cooked myself. Trust me  again, it is unlike the other ‘substitutes’;  you won’t feel cheated by eating this one instead of pasta, despite it being a vegetable, because of its consistency. It’s chewy and tastes spaghetti- like (sorry Italians, I’m talking ‘ English spaghetti here!)

Remember the spaghetti squash nutrition facts:  Low G.I, low fat and the best substitute for pasta there is! What more could you want?

photo credit: Skinny Mom

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