Sober September Superfoods: #3 oily fish

Sober September Superfoods: #3 oily fish

Oily fish is next on the Sober September Superfood list. The mighty mackerel, salmon and sardines are a great source of vitamin D, B vitamins, protein and selenium. It is also rich in the good fat- omega-3 fatty acids.

In 2004, the well-respected UK Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition reviewed the evidence on the health benefits of fish. It declared there was a “large body of evidence” which suggested that fish consumption and particularly oily fish, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, could lower blood pressure and also reduce fat build-up in the arteries. The evidence confirmed was so strong, the government recommended we should aim to eat at least two portions of fish per week, of which one should be oily.

Alison Hornby, a dietitian and BDA spokesperson, told NHS Live Well site that if there’s one food that’s good for the heart, it’s definitely oily fish. Eating at least two portions of fish a week, including one portion of oily fish, keeps your blood pressure at a healthy level and improves blood lipids, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, which also happens to be the No1 killer in the UK.

Eat tinned sardines and mackerel on toast with a side salad. Sardines and fried potatoes, smoked Mackerel on its own as a snack, or in a jacket potato.Or what about salmon salad or salmon in mash – yum!

Here’s a fantastic recipe which combines two of our Sober September Superfoods, sardines and Kale, in a tasty and nutrition-packed recipe – Sardines and Kale spaghetti.

Also, learn how easy it is to fillet and cook a piece of oily fish here with Jack Stein, son of Rick, the seafood expert chef.

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