Sober September starts sharpish!

Sober September starts sharpish!

Yes, Sober September is here again.

The summer holidays are over, the kids and poor teachers go back to school and the rest of us have started to think about coats and boots for the coming winter. So how can we make ourselves feel better about the fact summer is another year away again? By getting healthy, fit and fabulous by staying sober for (at least) a month!

Sobriety. After 2 months of alfresco drinking, bingeing and barbecuing, September is indeed the perfect month to entertain that word. But how do we go from getting merrily wasted on sunny rooftop terraces and back gardens to not touching a drop, putting away the burgers and eating only lettuce? Just the thought of a Friday night without my mate Mr Smirnoff gives me the chills! Or Sundays without a Bloody Mary? Brrrrr! What will become of our social lives for the month? It does help that the sun seems to have disappeared, but what if it comes back? Here are my tips for surviving those four loooong weeks.

Talk about Sober September to EVERYONE!

Tell everyone you’re doing it! Put it on Facebook, Twitter, the lot! Tell your workmates too. The more people you tell, the more encouragement you’ll get and the less people will try to tempt you off that wagon (you’ll still have a few mates who’ll try to tempt you cos it’s fun tempting people when they’re struggling BUT persevere! Encouraging them to join you even will strengthen your willpower!) You could also rustle up some sponsorship too and do it for charity – set up a Justgiving page today and get that on Facebook!  Charidee is always a good spur for this type of self-inflicted pain. It’s hardwired into the British Bulldog spirit to ‘take one for the afflicted’ so, get in the zone, get your grrr on and get on with it!

Measure yourself on day one of SS, 14 and 30 (beginning, middle, end)

 Take a waist and hip measurement, and weigh yourself too. There’s nothing like seeing those pounds, kilos, whatever you use dropping off into the nether world to spur you on and make you train harder and be more determined.

No cheating.

You’re only doing this for four weeks! Tell yourself if  you can’t do this for 31 piddly days then you have a problem!If you do cheat, then Facebook status it! Hopefully your mates will make you feel so guilty you’ll get right back on the wagon and work harder!


Try to do at least two 30 minute sessions a week, it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it is a weight bearing exercise for toning, plus you could get in 150 minutes of a moderate intensity aerobic activity, like brisk walking. Get off the train or the bus two stops earlier or better still walk to work! There’s nothing like a good 45minute walk in the morning to wake you up! Who needs coffee!

Get cooking and creative! 

Hold sober dinner parties, get the recipe book out, go shopping at Borough market with your new-found dough or take yourself and a close supportive mate out for cool dinners at unlicensed joints where you can’t be tempted!

Go on adventures! 

Trust me, I know how hard it is to live in London and not drink! I haven’t managed it for longer than three weeks but I fully support those who want to try!  It seems our whole social culture is based around drinking. Pubs and restaurants are where we meet, eat and socialise at the weekends, especially coming into Autumn when the weather isn’t so great so we tend to head indoors. So what can you do for the next four weekends except hibernate and clean out the kitchen cupboards?

Get out of the city!

Go and visit that friend or relative you’ve been meaning to. Take a bike on the train to the coast. Use the hundreds you would have spent on boozing to escape the smog and get down to the beach, go on a hike… get active, breathe in clean air and feel alive…

and I’ll have one for you while you do! Good luck!

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