Sneak Exercise Into Your Day!

Sneak Exercise Into Your Day!

We’re all busy and exercise takes TIME. Seriously, most of us simply haven’t got a spare two hours to hit the gym (and it IS two hours by the time you’ve got undressed, dressed, exercised, showered then dressed AGAIN then onto the second journey of the night HOME argh. Knackered.) So how to sneak exercise into your day?

If, like us, you begrudge giving up your limited evening hours to the gym, this article is for you. We’ve worked out how to sneak exercise into our daily lives WITHOUT actually going out of our way to do it. Because we know and can’t ignore the fact tha the body DOES need some exercise, not just to maintain a semblance of the least baggy beauty we can manage as the years progress but also simply to stay alive alive-oh for as long as possible.

So watch and learn darlings and you’ll realise that you can probably sneak more exercise in than you could even do in one gym session.


1. Wake Up Weights

How long does your kettle take to brew? During the winter months how often do you put it on? This winter I parked my 5kg weights literally in the corner by the kettle so that every time I turned it on, I’d pick them up and do a range of arm lifts, push ups and boxing. For 3 minutes a go. After a few months, the difference was noted and it had worked its way into my ritual without being much noticed!

3. Brush Your Teeth And SIT!


When you’re brushing your teeth, what are you doing in the meantime? Checking out your zits in the mirror, counting each second to two minutes? Why not park your bum against the wall instead? You can work your quads, glutes, and core. And most of us brush our teeth twice a day… you see? Yeah!

3. Microwave Muscles

How often do you use your microwave? Admit it, don’t be shy! Pick up those weights and do some incline push ups instead!

4. Take the stairs! 

It’s easier said than done but after you’ve completed it once, it gets addictive, trust us. Tomorrow morning, instead of taking the escalator, run up the stairs instead. Or take the escalator two by two – think how firm your bottom will be after a week or two of this, twice a day no doubt!

photo credit: College Candy

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