Smartphone Syndrome Is Real!

Smartphone Syndrome Is Real!

Have you ever thought your phone was vibrating in your pocket, gone to check it only to discover it’s actually in your bag and nowhere near your pocket? If so, you’ve experienced Phantom Pocket Vibration Syndrome, one of a number of new syndromes brought about by society’s addiction to smartphones. Read below to see if you suffer from a smartphone syndrome.

According to reports, one in every five people across the world right now, own a smartphone. And there have been reports of syndromes which smartphone users suffer from that seem to be reaching epidemic status, though as yet, it is unknown just how harmful they are.

Cell Phone Elbow/Text Claw
According to Good Housekeeping, whilst these are non-medical terms, they are widely used by doctors to describe finger cramping and sore fingers or wrists as a result of scrolling, speed-texting and gaming on your smartphone.  Doctors have reported a rise in complaints of inflammation in the tendons and enhancement of existing conditions, such as tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome in the hands. Cell Phone Elbow” is the non-medical term used to describe the tingling or numbness in your ring or little fingers a result of bending your elbow for long periods of time and holding them in the same position as you type.

iPosture/Text Neck
Do you suffer from painful neck muscles, or back muscles? Don’t change your desk chair or mattress before checking your posture when texting or smartphoning! No slouching! Good Housekeeping reports that according to a study of young adults in the U.K., 84% of those whose smartphone usage was monitored reoported back pain and this was found to be mainly due to being hunched over smartphones and other computer equipment.

Nomophobia is real! 

Do you freak out if you forget your phone on charge and leave home without it? How do you feel when it breaks and you’re left without a phone for hours or – shock, horror – days?  If you suffer from this, it worries you and makes you feel bad you are suffering from ‘Nomophobia’, short for “no-mobile-phone phobia,”: the fear of being without your mobile. According to a study of 1,000 people in the U.K, 66% said they feared losing or being without their phones. Shocking. Or is it? What is shocking is that this can actually cause real, painful symptoms such as anxiety or nausea. Apparently for the worst sufferers, who obsessively check their phones to make sure they are safe and on their person, the fear has turned into a life-changing phobia and apparently more women suffer from this than men.

Phantom Pocket Vibration Syndrome
I knew I wasn’t going bonkers! If you have ever experienced this inner vibration, you will breathe a sigh of relief. According to Dr. Michelle Drouin, a professor at Indiana University-Purdue University in Fort Wayne, Indiana,  89% of the undergraduates in her study experienced phantom vibrations when their phones wasn’t vibrating,near them or even on.  The scariest part is that False vibrations are not very well understood but are believed to have psychological or neurological sources.

photo credit: shuttershock

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