Singing Is Good For Your Health!

Singing Is Good For Your Health!

Did you know that singing in the shower can actually save your life?

Regardless of how good you are, you should sing whenever the mood takes you: singing has positive psychological effects and actually releases endorphins (the brain’s “feel good” chemicals), which is why belting your favourite song out in the shower makes you feel happy, alive and generally far better than you felt before you got in (how it makes your neighbours feel is another story)!

And don’t just sing in the shower, but sing in front of a crowd or friends for the best effects! Karaoke night shenanigans not only make you feel good but are reported to have broad and long-lasting effects on confidence and well-being.

A study was published in Australia in 2008 which revealed that on average, choral singers rated their satisfaction with life higher than the public — even when the actual problems faced by those singers were more substantial than those faced by the general public [source: MacLean].

Another study undertaken in 1998 study showed that there were significant decreases in anxiety and depression levels in the nursing home residents after they took part in a regular singing programme [source: ISPS]. Apparently, not only does it make you feel good but as long as long as you’re singing from the lungs and using breathing techniques, it has some of the same effects as an aerobic activity, aiding circulation by getting more oxygen into the blood.

So it seems that singing should not simply be left to those who actually can, but should implemented into your every day routine so it can do its bit at keeping the doctor away!

Apparently, choral singers tend to have a built-in “stress-free zone,” something we could all do with. When they sing, they are transported there for the duration. Now doesn’t that make you feel happier just thinking about it? Go on, put a bit of Bey on and have a go!

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