Time to Shine and beat Cancer!

Time to Shine and beat Cancer!

 This September the girls (and boys) kick off their heels to paint London town gold, putting their glitter on, sending sleep and Cancer to bed.

On Saturday 27th September 2014, men and women from all over the United Kingdom will don their trainers and walk through London by night to raise money for over 200 life-saving Cancer research projects. Imagine a sea of glowsticks, glitter and smiles sailing through the parks and streets of our capital, past the most iconic landmarks of London; Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and the London Eye as people join together to walk side-by-side in the one fight we all agree needs to be won.

The sad fact is we all know someone who has, or have experienced ourselves, the devastating effects of cancer in its many forms. Current statistics say more than one in three of us will be affected by cancer in our lifetime.Cancer Research UK fund scientists, doctors and nurses in the fight against cancer yet do not receive any government funding for their research, making events like Cancer Research UK’s Shine Night Walk, a real Walk for Life.

Those that take part can choose from full or half-marathon distance and can also choose which type of cancer to raise money for, meaning that all sponsorship will go directly towards the area of cancer research they feel strongly about.

And the best news is there’s still time to join in this very important and fun event! Grab a family member, friend or colleague and get training in this gorgeous summer weather, around your local parks or area, then get online to sign up and set up a sponsorship page. You can also find help and top tips for training and important information about the actual event itself.

Cancer Research UK’s Shine Night Walk 2014 for more information. Then go out and shine. For Life.

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