Five easy steps to a more positive mental well-being

Five easy steps to a more positive mental well-being

Facebook and Twitter are filled with wonderful, positive quotes and advice on how to improve your life by ‘thinking positive’. But have you ever considered how we can promote positivity in ourselves without getting a guru? Isn’t it easier said than done? When coursing through life’s daily drudge, it can be hard to find ways to encourage thinking and being more positive. It’s why we love those inspirational quotes so much.

Below are five easy steps we can all take to improve our mental well-being and help ourselves feel more positive about life.


Mental wellbeing

  • connect with fellow humans – human connection is so important for that feeling of camaraderie and the reminder that we are not alone in this world despite how it can feel sometimes. Make efforts to connect with the people around you: friends, social media friends even, family, colleagues and neighbours. Even people on the train or in the street, at the bus stop. You don’t have to have the most in- depth conversation in the world, even a hello, a smile or a nice comment can be enough to lift the spirits on a dull day and spread the happiness on a good one. Develop relationships that are important to you, the ones you want to last. These friendships will be your armour on the worst days.
  • keep learning – Sign up for something you’ve always wanted to do, be it cooking, sports or martial arts. Get involved and use it before you lose it, as they say!
  • keeping active – you don’t have to go to the gym. Take a walk, go (Boris Bike) cycling, even football. Find an activity you enjoy and make it a regular part of your schedule!
  • give to others – be it a smile, your time, a thank you or a kind word to someone who needs it. Volunteering for local charities such as Streetlink can improve your mental well-being and also help you to build new social networks.\
  • take notice – be more aware of the NOW, your present world. It sounds sappy, but look up at the blue sky and appreciate its colour. Zone into how you feel. If you feel ‘healthy’, appreciate that feeling (we all know what it’s like to feel too full, or sick, or hungover). Some people call this “mindfulness”, and studies have shown it can positively change the way you approach challenges and ultimately feel about life.

Judge for yourself!  The more you feel fulfilled and connected, the easier it will be to overcome whatever life throws at you, thus making you happier and more positive in everything you do.

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