Orgasmic Meditation Is A TurnOn

Orgasmic Meditation Is A TurnOn

The female orgasm: that sometimes elusive, delectable, sexual climax which some women are lucky enough to experience regularly while others struggle to have once and few fail to experience at all.

In Western Australia, the ‘O Bliss’ six-week program is run by sex expert – and ‘orgasm goddess’ – Layla Martin. The focus of the course is to teach women and couples how to use the mind alongside exercise to “reach climax”. Last week, Heidi Anderson described her experience of the course to Perth Now.

The radio host said: “I would light candles while rubbing my body in oils like Layla suggested then go on to do some of the exercises like; breast orgasms, honey pot meditation, sexy squeeze, inner smile, sensual river, but I never orgasmed once.

“I felt disappointed and frustrated. After week one’s exercises, I went straight on to the private forum to share my horrible first attempt. Many women could relate.”

She explained while the course didn’t help her achieve “orgasmic bliss” she did learn about her own body, mindset and nurtured what she describes as her “lady garden”.

Australia is following on from a new class which arrived in the UK from the States earlier this year called Orgasmic Meditation (OM) run by One Taste. The class is for couples who want to learn how to give orgasm for the sole purpose of ‘feeling’ rather than anything turning each other on.

According to One Taste, OM is a wellness practice designed for singles and couples to experience more connection, vitality, pleasure, and meaning in every aspect of their lives. The practice focuses on the clit and encourages people to stop thinking  and to go with the flow of their bodies to reach that ultimate pleasure.

For those wanting to learn how to speak more openly about sex, TurnON London is a community of open-minded and fun people who gather together to have honest conversations about desire, relationship, sex, intimacy and Orgasm and arrange group meet ups for people wanting to practice OM.

For more information, check out their website, here.

photo credit: TurnOn

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