Olive Oil As Moisturiser

Olive Oil As Moisturiser

Olive Oil has been used for centuries as a moisturiser and there are many reasons why. Not only will this natural oil make your skin feel good enough to eat, whatever your skin type, but Olive oil is so gentle, it can be used all over your body to great effect. Try olive oil as moisturiser today!

According to the Wrinkle Free Skin Tips Website, thanks to the vitamins A and E Olive oil has oodles of, it can help repair sun damaged skin and even slow down the wrinkles, keeping your skin smooth and tight. The best time to apply it is just after the shower, before you go to bed, allowing it to soak in, stopping your skin from drying out. Olive oil also contains antioxidants and natural acids which are said to work as a natural barrier, protecting your sensitive skin.It also contains a combination of sebum, an oil that should occur naturally in your skin and micro-flora which is a healthy bacteria.

Olive oil also has polyphenolic compounds which work to reverse free radicals that are said to cause premature aging. It is also hypoallergenic and so perfect for sensitive skin. Moisten a cotton pad with a small amount of olive oil and use it as an eye makeup remover. The oil is gentle as well as effective and can soften the delicate skin around the eyes, says the Olive Oil Source Web site. Massage a few drops of olive oil into dry cuticles to keep them moisturized and healthy.

Olive oil can be used in many ways. Use it to remove makeup, add sugar to it or dead sea salts and you have a gorgeous, moisturising exfoliator.

If you are worried you’re going to smell like a pizza, don’t be! The smell of Extra Virgin Olive oil vanishes overnight leaving your skin baby soft. Dry skin drinks this natural goodness and is much happier afterwards. No chemicals stripping your skin of its sebum or natural oils, rather leaving a barrier to protect it and stop it drying out.

photo credit: Inkanat

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