New Year Resolutions & How To Keep Them

New Year Resolutions & How To Keep Them

New Year resolutions. Ever heard the saying, ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions’? It should read, ‘the road to hell is paved with New Year resolutions!’

Forbes writer Jeff Boss thinks New Year’s resolutions are like traffic. As the driver, you are so focussed on getting to your destination, you see others passing you by on their journeys, that red light slowing you down. distractions like the radio, kids, mobile calls, all try to put you off focusing on what you need to be doing, until in the end you finally get there, sweating and furious or, you crash off the path or the car simply breaks down along the way and you give up.

The truth is, you’ll only achieve the things you can easily slot into your lifestyle, with comfort and without feeling like you’re making too much of a sacrifice. This means being clever and not over-ambitious with your resolutions. Choosing to make small changes, that ultimately will make your life more successful and comfortable.

Here are two of my resolutions and how I intend on achieving them.

1 – to improve time management. By making a list of daily distractions (Facebook, emails, the hot colleague you can’t stop looking at) and delete them. Stop doing them. It doesn’t require that much effort, yet the benefit will be huge. By stopping these small time-wasting habits, I will gain more time to do more important things that usually, I seem to run out of time to do! Easier said than done, I know, so I’m going to limit them my usage rather than completely stopping.
For example. I tend to reach for Facebook whenever I have a spare minute – on public transport, when I’m waiting for anything, even as a distraction from more important work. So my New Year Resolution is to only use Facebook at night when I get home for 20 minutes. In those freed up moments, I will read and write. I shall always have a reading book and a notepad and I will use that ‘dead’ time more effectively in this way. Or I’ll make the phonecalls I never have time for, speak to family, friends; catch up!
2- Exercise more. This seems to be everyone’s New Year resolution! Perhaps because we all spend the last month of the year guzzling excessively and then the first two weeks of the year suffering extreme guilt and depression as a result! Regardless, it’s a great resolution to want to get fit. So how to do this without having to sign up to the boring gym or giving up before the end of January? I’m going to incorporate exercise more into my daily life!
If you use public transport, get off and walk the last few stops. If you have a set of weights in your house, leave them by the kettle! My weights are by the kettle and every time I boil it, at least twice a day, I pick up the weights and don’t stop using them until the kettle has boiled. Trust me, it’s enough!
photo credit: Playbuzz
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