Natural Hayfever Remedies

Natural Hayfever Remedies

The sun has finally arrived meaning we can head to the parks and the greens that London is so famous for to enjoy our lunch breaks, lighter evenings and weekends. But as you skip off through the daisy-filled fields, spare a thought for your hayfever-suffering friends, trapped indoors by the annoying condition which stops them from frolicking in the parks with you! Buy them some honey!

And it’s not just grass that gets hayfever sufferers at this time of year, some people are so badly affected they wake up sneezing and go to bed sniffling, even if they live on the tenth floor of a high-rise. Hayfever literally kills the summer for sufferers.

So, how can we get rid of the awful condition without pumping ourselves full of pharmaceuticals? Planetfem has found a number of surprising natural alternative remedies to help you relax and enjoy the summertime, even when that pesky pollen count is at its highest. And the best bit? You probably don’t even need to go shopping – just open the kitchen cupboards!


So, you know how ‘a hair of the dog that bit you’ is arguably great for fixing the mother of all hangovers? Well, honey is made from bee pollen – the bite that causes hayfever! Naturalists say that just by eating more honey, you can desensitise your body to other pollens thus reducing hayfever symptoms significantly. It’s also best to use honey that is local to your area – in London this might be hard to find so we found a list that the wonderful Timeout put together of the beekeepers and honeymakers using London’s bees to make yummy top quality honey! Check it out below.

Capital Bee

68 St Asaph Rd, SE4 2EL (020 7639 6581/

Hive Honey Shop

93 Northcote Rd, SW11 6PL (020 7924 6223/

Golden Company

Borough Market, SE1(07886 214329/

 London Honey Company

Fortnum and Mason, W1A 1ER (07973 744331/ 

 Regent’s Park Honey

Pure Food, 58 Witley Court, Coram St, WC1N 1HD (07973 121800/ 

(07930 337907/

source – Timeout

photo credit – ITV

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