Natural Hayfever Remedies#3

Natural Hayfever Remedies#3

We continue our mission to stock you up with as many natural hayfever remedies as you can mix up, hopefully helping you to enjoy a less congested, less itchy summer!

Today, we take a closer look at the tried and tested Old Wives tales! We all know that while some of these are a load of old soggy tissues, others actually make sense and do work! It’s down to you to test them and find out which ones work for you, but most aim to relieve you from sneezing, congestion and itching from hay fever.

We’d know if my dad had hayfever or a cold because his head would be stuck in a bucket of steaming water with eucalyptus or Vix mixed in and he would be breathing it in with a towel over his head. He was adamant it worked, so if he says it did, it did. Try it!

Non-alcoholic Calendula liquid is another goody. This can be bought at any health food store. Dilute it with water and wash your itchy scratchy eyes with it. And yes, the sting DOES mean its working!

A diet rich in Omega-3 fatty acids  is said to help protect your immune system by lowering the inflammatory chemicals your body produces once the pollen hits.

If you’re into homeopathy, there are many homeopathic medicines you can try. The one we’ve heard good things about is called  Sabadilla. One of the best homeopathic remedies used for centuries to treat constant sneezing, nasal discharge and itchy noses that accompany hayfever and sinusitis. You can buy this remedy at any decent health food shop or from your nearest homeopath.

As with all of our alternative suggestions and remedies, please make sure you check with your GP or health practitioner first, especially if you are currently taking a course of medication as some herbs and homeopathic medicines can negatively react with pharmaceutical and natural medicines too.

photo credit: Natural Home Remedies

source: Natural News

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