Hangover Cures: Milk Thistle

Hangover Cures: Milk Thistle

Christmas cheer can easily turn into Christmas sneer once that ‘morning after the night before’ queasiness appears, a sure sign that you’ve over-indulged on the festivities. Thus, good hangover cures are definitely needed. 

But don’t let that crucifying headache, stomach that thinks it’s set sail on the seven seas, eyes so puffy they give the michelin man a run for his money, or a mouth which refuses to become unstuck doing a fantastic impression of the Gobi desert, ruin your Christmas. Get some Milk Thistle in!

Milk Thistle not only helps the hangover but is well-known to protect the liver from toxin damage. It can be taken before and after your night out in tablet or liquid form to prevent the worst of the hangover kicking in.

The Milk thistle is a purple flowering plant which is part of the sunflower and daisy family and the active ingredient in the seeds is called silymarin, which has been used around the world medicinally for thousands of years to treat a range of conditions and diseases such as liver, prostate, breast and cervical cancer and Hepatitis C. It also helps to reverse liver damage from alcoholism and recreational drug use and apparently cures the common hangover too.

Silymarin acts as an antioxidant to protect the liver. It promotes the growth of brand new liver cells and not only that, it also helps with the digestion of fats, thus helping to keep those harmful toxins and other substances out of the liver cells. And don’t take my word for it; research has proven that milk thistle taken daily for 30 days does increase the overall liver function, whether it has been damaged through chemo or alcohol use, it doesn’t matter. It seems it really does a good job at restoring the liver no matter the cause of the original damage.

Take milk thistle before you go out or start drinking alcohol and then take some more the morning after the drinking session. Apparently, this will help the body’s organs to get rid of the toxins and so you will feel much better, faster!

Check out this Telegraph article which compares hangover cures. In the end the journo decided that milk thistle was the most effective of the lot. So it must be true!

photocredit: Aubrey Organics

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