Medicine And Volunteers Desperately Needed In Calais

Medicine And Volunteers Desperately Needed In Calais

Your help is desperately needed. Over 6,000 people are trapped in Calais, at the French border, right now with more coming every day. The area has been dubbed, ‘The Jungle’ and the community is mainly made up of people from Syria, Sudan, Afghanistan and Ethiopia. These people – families, children – are utterly desperate. The situation is dire. Governments aren’t helping and there are only a few of the major charities have a presence there.

According to two volunteer workers, Crawford McInally-Kier and Ian Shaw, Tuberculosis, Scabies and Bronchitis are rife. Children are suffering from PTSD; everyone is cold, wet and hungry. 

They desperately need more volunteers that are willing to help them distribute aid and work on the ground. If you have some time to give, please use the diagram above to work out how you can help and who to contact. Or email to register the dates you intend to head to Calais. Otherwise what’s urgently needed is food, gas, shelter – tents, sleeping bags, generators and sturdy winter shoes for children and adults as a priority. Clothes and medicines such as Cough meds/lozenges/anti his/swabs/plasters/TCP/scabies treatment/paracetamol/gloves/hand wash are also urgently needed. 

Please contact Calais Migrant Solidarity on Facebook for more information. There are people on there who are driving down and can help you to arrange and deliver donations. There is also a group called Volunteer Group To Calais who can advise you on how to volunteer, arrange lifts etc.

And now, half an hour away from Calais there are the beaches of Dunkirk. This is where the Allied Forces were rescued in 1940, and now  seventy-five years later we have left thousands of innocent men, women and children to starve or die from the elements, forgotten. They have very little food, water, even the most basic of supplies. They need us, they need YOU.

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