Why we should all make time for massage

Why we should all make time for massage

Massage should not be considered as a luxury, it should be part of your regular health routine, alongside the gym and nutritional eating. Here’s why…

Massage is well-known for relaxing and stretching the muscles of the body but did you know it also benefits the bones and the skeletal system? This is because massage improves circulation of the blood which carries oxygen and nutrients straight to your bones. A good, deep massage can reduce stiffness and reduce pain.

The Journal Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, published a study earlier this year which showed that massage therapy not only relieved muscle soreness and improves overall blood flow in people after they exercised, but it also seemed to improve circulation in those that hadn’t exercised too.

Good massage can also improve the nervous system by providing relaxation and relief from nervous irritability and stress-related conditions including insomnia and tension headaches. Energetic massages are excellent for relieving lethargy and fatigue.

Physiotherapists regularly use massage as part of treatment for the respiratory system, including cupping movements over the base of the lungs as this relieves chest congestion. As you become more relaxed, you breathing slows down and gets deeper which means you’re using the diaphragm to breathe, thus expending less energy.

Massage is also fantastic for those who suffer from immune system conditions as the stimulation of the lymphatic system clears the body of waste products which is a great boost to the immune system too.

Massage increases the movement of food and waste products through the digestive system and can therefore have a balancing effect on the digestive system.

It is a common fact that menstrual pain and PMS can be eased through massage too and can also support your mental health as it releases dopamin and seratonin too!

So there you have it, permission to budget in a weekly or monthly massage session without fail!


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