Let’s talks about nuts!

Let’s talks about nuts!

As many of you know, an allergy to nuts can have very negative consequences whilst at the same time, nuts provide a variety of goodness in the form of fibers, nutrients and healthy fats. Sugars and carbohydrates are hardly found in nuts. Could nuts actually be the next big thing? Not only do they taste good but they are diverse and plentiful. Discover in this article a few interesting facts about nuts!

Cashew nuts

Have you ever wondered by cashew nuts are split in the middle? Well, cashew nuts actually contain a few poisons. These poisons however get absorbed into the shell and so you can trustfully continue to eat a handful of cashew nuts. Diabetes patient can also eat them because they contain no sugar and no cholesterol. As a final point, the cashew nut extract stimulates muscle cells to absorb more sugars and this is exactly what diabetes patients need to stimulate in their bodies.

Pistachio nuts
These nuts have similar properties to the kale vegetable sort. Apart from the fact that they are both green, both increase the antioxidant levels in blood and thereby reduce the chance of hart and artery disease. According to some research, pistachio nuts are known to reduce the risk in getting lung cancer.

Walnuts are a nut on their own. They are distinct because they are the only nuts that contain the Omega-3 oil and this translates to many advantages. Not only are walnuts great for your heart, they also reduce the risk of prostate and breast cancer. Older people can eat walnuts to improve motor skills also.

Officially, peanuts are not nuts but a part of the bean family. Doctors advise pregnant women to eat peanuts before and during pregnancy. Women who do this often bear children with a smaller chance of developing allergies and allergic reactions to nuts.
Your intestines love almonds and in particular the fatty types. Almonds help stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria active in our intestines. But they’re also great to have a part of a diet plan as they are easily digested and give a full feeling without risk of putting on weight.


Macadamia nuts
These nuts do have a lot of calories in them but at the same time, they are great for your heart. Eating Macadamia nuts ensures that less cholesterol get stuck to the walls of your blood vessels whereby the chance of vein blockage is reduced. Just make sure you limit the portions!.
Nuts are ideal and can be eaten occasional. Just don’t forget that even though these nuts contact good fats, it doesn’t mean you can eat them endlessly. They can still be very fattening. Eating a small handful per day is perfectly healthy and even advised. Don’t be tempted by nuts with sugar of honey coatings however, they aren’t quite the same.


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