Did you know this about stress?

Did you know this about stress?

Everyone experience stress at one point or another but there are a few aspects which are quite unknown about stress. In this article we lay down a few facts and fables about stress. Check if you knew about these things too:

Stress is always negative:  False!

Some of you may already know that this statement isn’t always correct. Stress does have some plus point. It can help you perform better for example. Many people look back at situations and discover that the times of greatest learnings were in fact in stressful moments. It is therefore important that stress is turned into a positive feeling as much as possible. Failure to do this can result in physical tension.

Everyone experiences stress through symptoms: False!

We all experience stress differently. Some people have problems with their digestion whilst others begin to sweat or use the toilet more frequently. Insomnia is also a common consequence. Only when people are confronted with chronic stress does it become difficult to recognize the symptoms. This is because our bodies regulate the stress levels whereby stress becomes the norm. An example of this would be breathing too quickly. This is a sure sign that our bodies are out of balance and that we are experiencing some kind of stress.

You can die from stress:  True & False!
Obviously you won’t simply drop dead from stress but continued stress can become live threatening. Certain health issues which you may already have can become increasingly worse. The chance of heart disease increase and our bodies are less able to fight of viral infections naturally. On top of this, people who suffer stress often develop unhealthy habits such as excessive eating, smoking or drinking.

Men and women experience stress differently: True!
Men respond to stress in a more aggressive way that women. In general, men have the tendency to want to grasp the problem quickly and resolve it. Women on the other hand search for alternatives or try to make compromises to the situation and find a solution to the stress later on.

Everyone can reduce stress through yoga, massage of dieting: False!
In just the same way that men and women respond differently to stress, the same applies for how we individually find a solution for stress. What works as a relief for one person will not necessarily work in the same way for another. It’s important that each person search for their own method of stress relief. Yoga is an option just as massage is, but active sports which is the total opposite of what Yoga teaches can also work wonders.

Drinking alcohol reduces the symptoms: False!
Drinking during a stressful day can make this worse because alcohol exaggerate the our emotional state. Heavy drinking changes the chemical balance in our brains whereby cortisol is released. Cortisol is a hormone which plays a role in the production of stress in our bodies. Someone who drinks alcohol during a stressful situation could experience more fear or panic for example.

Stress is contagious: True!
Much like a cold, stress is transferrable. Most of the time this happens very subtly and other don’t even notice it. Psychologist say that it’s important to get your own stress under control so that you don’t affect others around you.

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