Juicing: The Truth

Juicing: The Truth

Juicing has been given a bad press recently, but  it does have some benefit and with gazillions of juicers available on the market, it is easier and more affordable than ever.

The Nutriblend seems to be one of the best according to online reviews because it retains the pulp and the fibre in the juice, meaning you get 100% goodness, not just the vitamins and antioxidants.

Chair of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy, Miguel Toribio-Mateas, told the BBC that the key was to not overload the juice with fruit sugar, using more vegetables to normalise blood sugar was the best way. Which means that starting your day with 150ml of a juice containing apple, beetroot, ginger, carrots and lemon would be perfect to give you over and above your 5-a-day. Experts recommend limiting yourself to no more than 150ml a day because the sugar content  can be so high, so whilst you’re getting lots of good vitamins and minerals, you could still pile on the pounds as a result – unless you juice vegetables only.

Here is a fab recipe to get you started, taken from the ‘Fat Sick and Nearly Dead’ documentary which tells the story of Joe Cross, an Australian businessman who apparently lost over 100lbs by juice fasting, also clearing up many ailments he had along the way, astounding his doctors and being able to stop taking the strong medication he had been dependent upon for years. Joe then decided he should take his diet on a road trip across north America and on the way he helps lots of overweight people lose ridiculous amounts of weight, also curing their ailments, meaning they too are able to come off strong medication, simply by juice fasting. Sounds highly improbable doesn’t it, but watch the documentary and decide for yourself.

Always check with our GP before starting any type of new diet, especially a fast and even more especially before a juice fast.



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