Is Paleo The Perfect Diet Plan?

Is Paleo The Perfect Diet Plan?

The Paleo diet, the hunter-gatherer, Neanderthal plan, whatever you want to call it, has been around for a while. But what does it entail and does it actually work?

While the life expectancy for hunter-gatherers was fairly low, about 20 years old for adults and a paltry 15 for children, our ancestors were said to have been fitter, stronger and healthier than we are. According to the experts, death was mainly due to war and climate, rather than illness.


So what does Paleo entail? Basically cutting out modern processed sugary, salty food and sticking to natural food, fruit and vegetables. Even grains and legumes are out because paleo nutritionists believe that the gluten in wheat, barley and rye is a trigger for immune response leading to eczema, fatigue, headaches and all manner of conditions and disease. So what can the paleo-follower eat?

What’s Allowed:
Meat All red meat, game and poultry as long as it doesn’t make up more than 25 per cent of your daily diet. You can eat as much fish as you like.
Nuts and seeds as much as you like as this is a fantastic source of fat and protein, both of which are actively encouraged
Fruit and vegetables Choose fruit that is low in sugar such as apples or pears. All veggies are good and again, eat as much as you like except for potatoes because of their GI level which causes blood-sugar highs.

What’s not Allowed:
Sugar Any type of sugar – out out out! Think blood-sugar spikes and energy crashes.
Grains and legumes As these contain bad sugar-binding proteins which are bad for the gut and gluten which is pro-inflammatory.
Dairy Terrible all round, especially on the gut.

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