How Water Can Help Digestion

How Water Can Help Digestion

Did you know that water is really important for good digestive health?

Drinking a good amount of water a day (although the number we know so well – 8 glasses a day – has been contested recently) is necessary for good general health and to sustain life. Humans can survival for many days without food, but surprisingly a few days without drinking water. On average, the body can expel  – in one way or another  – up to 10 cups of water each day. But in terms of digestion, water helps your kidneys to function properly, filtering what they need to and stopping you getting clogged up.  According to Web MD, the single biggest cause of kidney stones is chronic dehydration. Lack of water means that calcium and other minerals build up in your urine which make it harder for your body to filter out which can form crystals that turn into kidney and urinary stones.

Water also helps to dissolve fats and soluble fibre in your digestive system, allowing both to pass through easier. in particular, boiling water with added ginger root can help digestion. Drinking water – rather than wine or alcohol – during or straight after a meal can also aid digestion because it helps to break down the food easier so that the body can absorb the goodness from your food. Providing it is healthy food, of course! Water also softens your stool, helping to prevent constipation, making it essential for good digestive health.

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