How To Treat Cystitis

How To Treat Cystitis

Cystitis -painful urination, that annoying burning sensation which never goes away, the ache in your pelvis – it’s a common condition which both men and women and children can suffer from. For most of us, drinking plenty of water and cranberry juice should flush the bacteria out within a few days, but what else can you do to reduce or even prevent the symptoms of this debilitating bladder infection? Here’s some tips on how to treat cystitis.

Children and men sufferers must always  see their GP at the first sign. Women should see a GP the first time they have symptoms but then also if they have the condition more than three times in one year.

Usually, cystitis usually clears up without treatment in 4-9 days, however for repeat sufferers there are plenty of self-help treatments available over-the-counter or that you can make at home which can ease the discomfort if you don’t think it’s serious enough for antibiotics.

Self-help treatments

  • Bladder infections such as cystitis are often caused by E.coli bacteria. Drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day helps your body to flush out the bacteria and fight off the infection. So, drink 2-3 litres of fluids, preferably water each day
  • Try to wee as much as you can, when you need it. Do not force it but do not hold it in, either. Also remember what your mama taught you, wipe front to back (and not back to front) to avoid transferring germs to the opening of the urethra.
  • Avoid alcohol, especially wine, coffee or citrus juices (orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit), as these tend to irritate the bladder
  • Avoid sugary drinks too
  • Drinking cranberry juice regularly before you get cystitis can actually help to prevent it. The myth that it heals infections is one we all know – it doesn’t and actually cranberry juice drinks are often filled with sugar which can irritate your bladder and make things worse
  • Keep drinking lots of water and fluids 2-3 days even after the symptoms have gone.
  • Avoid sex. Having sex when you have a bladder infection can make it worse.
  • For prevention: keep your immune healthy and if you suffer regularly use an antimicrobial herb such as garlic, parsley, goldenseal or bearberry

photo credit:Lloyds Pharmacy

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