How To Sleep In a Heatwave!

How To Sleep In a Heatwave!

Britain is in the throes of a fabulous heatwave, cries of ‘danger, danger,’ ring out across the land, while we all toss and turn and hark for cooler weather. Forgetting of course that the majority of us brought this one with our mental sundancing for the previous ten months!

However, these hot, sticky nights are a pain in the armpits for anyone who needs at least eight hours of perfect rest before they can function properly at work. So, how to get it and still enjoy the heat when the Met Office says temperatures humidity will remain fairly high at 60-80% for days to come? (Yippee!)

The problem with humidity is, it makes it hard for sweat to evaporate, hence the scratchy, stickyness. So, what to do?

1. Let the breeze in! No, we don’t mean allow your partner to fart in the bed, we mean get hose curtains open and let the cooler air in, if there is any. Curtains are a better bet than blinds as they block out the light, yet let the cool air through. If you can open a number of windows before bed, do so. Get an air stream going. Stand in it naked. Enjoy the pleasure. Get dressed again, close them up and –

2. Buy a fan! The sound of a fan can either cause you to smash it against the wall in your overheated, overtired state or whirr you to sleep like a baby. Fans do actually lower the body temperature thus enabling a longer sleep, so well worth trying out.

3. May sure you’re hydrated. Obviously, the older we get the further from bedtime should be our last drink of the night (unless it’s a nightcap, of course – no sense in having a nightcap at 7pm if you go to bed at 11!), else we’ll be up all night weeing. However, if you ensure your body is well-hydrated during the day, you won’t wake up thirsty in the middle of the night.


4. Cool bedsheets. We’re not talking Superman or Batgirl, we’re talking thin cotton not polyester or nylon. Obvs. Keep your body well aerated from all angles.

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