How To Overcome Self-Doubt: Step Three

How To Overcome Self-Doubt: Step Three

Self-doubt can often stop you from attempting your dreams. The fear of failure is egotistic. Remember you’re human and humans don’t know it all, we’re fallible: we make mistakes. Celebrate the hurdles you jump and learn from those over which you fall. 

Big dreams can seem unattainable, almost frightening to think about. For those who are brave enough to dream this big, the first hurdle they stumble on can be off-putting – you told yourself you could never do it and this is proof.  But listen: humans aren’t perfect and big dreams take hard work and lots of mistakes to overcome and succeed in. You’re human, not a superhero.

So what can you do? Remind yourself that every setback, hurdle, obstacle you face on the way should simply make you more determined to succeed. This is your dream, right? So.  you’re going after it and come hell or high water you will succeed. Remember: Every hurdle is a lesson. Learn from what you did wrong and that’s one less thing that can go wrong in the future, meaning with each mistake you’re actually moving closer to your goal and will get there once all the wrong turns have been made and there’s only one way to head – straight for your dream!

So, forgive yourself each mistake, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and and keep going. You wouldn’t beat a child for falling off a bike when they’re learning to ride, would you? And don’t most children learn in the end? When you finally begin to jump some hurdles, make a big deal of it! You’ve achieved something – you’re one step closer to a dream you never thought you would succeed in! Keeping a journal of how far you’ve come will help you focus on what is going right rather than what is going wrong. It’s always useful and fun to look back on such journeys, especially as we tend to remember the negatives and mistakes rather than all the positive moves we’ve made.

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