How To Overcome Self-Doubt, Step 1

How To Overcome Self-Doubt, Step 1

Self-doubt is probably one of the hardest hurdles we must jump when it comes to personal development. And the worst of it is, you can bet it will always rear up in the distance waiting to trip you up on your path to success and happiness. Well, don’t let it! Here’s  the first in our series on how to overcome self-doubt successfully.

Doubt is not only insidious but also poisonous with its creeping. It will seep into every aspect of life, home, work, relationships and poison each aspect if you let it. So how can we stop this from happening, especially if willpower is running low?

The only way to overcome self-doubt is to believe in yourself, in your ability and determination to make your dreams and goals come true.

While this may sound like we’ve just stuck one finger up at you, bear with us. This, according to the experts, is the most crucial step. You need to figure out why you lack confidence in your success in order to change your outlook.

We didn’t say it would be easy. But every goal is achievable, every dream – bar marrying George Clooney as he’s already taken – is doable. It might take working harder than anything you’ve ever had to do in your life – but it’s possible and it can be done. There is always a way and the most successful people in life have been lining up to tell us all this since VHS was developed!

Stephen King, Oprah Winfrey, J.K. Rowling, the Rolling Stones all had to believe in  themselves and what they had to offer enough to not only overcome self-doubt within themselves…but to also prove others wrong. They are no better, cleverer or better connected than most people – at least they weren’t at the beginning. They  were all rejected, failed and met obstacles along the way. The difference is how they dealt with it. Like Destiny’s Child sang, ‘ if at first you don’t succeed, pick yourself up and try again, dust yourself off and try again, try again. Successful people are successful because they allowed themselves to overcome self-doubt because they wanted their objectives so much, they allowed nothing to stop them.

The question most successful people will ask you is so simple, you’ll feel better once you’ve answered it, we promise.

“If you do not believe in your skills, in what you bring to the table…why should anyone else?”

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