How To Go Vegan Painlessly!

How To Go Vegan Painlessly!

Mad Cow Disease, BSE, horse meat in beef burgers, animal agriculture killing the earth. Or, what about mass-farming practices that milk cows are put through just to put cereal on our tables every morning? There are many reasons to give up meat and dairy, not least what it does to our bodies and to the planet we live on. If you have watched Cowspiracy recently and you’re determined to bin the beef, read on for some advice on how to go Vegan painlessly!

So, how to go about cleaning up your diet? It’s one thing to decide to become vegan. How do we STAY vegan?

  1. Don’t be afraid! Like anything new, it will get easier after time, we promise! Just remind yourself daily of why you want to change. Make your reasons your mental mantra, whatever they are. And if it starts to wear thing – remind yourself that your reasons were strong enough for you to make the decision in the first place – what’s changed?
  2. Get vegtastic – especially dark green leafy veg and fruit. These will bulk out your meals, supplying you all the vitamins and nutrients you need and help you to feel satisfied and full afterwards.
  3. Get Juicing. If you can, invest in a good quality juicer and start your mornings with a green smoothie or juice. Blend up some spinach, kale, apple, ginger, turmeric, fresh beetroot, celery, cucumber and kiwi. Then watch your energy levels for that day skyrocket! Perfect motivation for staying vegan!
  4. Replace the dairy. Nowadays there are many alternatives to cows milk. Try unsweetened Soya, almond or coconut. Make your own (blend nuts, add water = milk which lasts for 3 days!). Instead of butter, use oil! Chilli oil on toast = yum. Sunflower or olive oil spreads are equally delicious though if you’re trying to stay away from processed foods – stick to oil. As for cheese sorry, I’ve yet to find a tasty alternative.
  5. Chill. The earth wasn’t healed in a day! There is no rush if you’ve eaten meat and dairy your whole life it’s understandable if you have a few slip ups. Don’t beat yourself up, just savour the taste, remind  yourself what you’re eating and the reasons you decided to give it up. This should put you back on track – it’s worked for me a good few times over the past two weeks! If it doesn’t perhaps you’re not ready. It’s your choice.
  6. Get creative- vegan food doesn’t have to be boring! Get fun with your cooking and get on the internet. There are some really great sites out there full of brilliant recipes, advice and pointers on how to do right by your body in a fun and  tasty way!

Yep, your farts will smell worse! 

There’s no other way to put it. Your body will take a while to adjust to the lack of meat and dairy. You’re going to find your visits to the loo will increase and take on a different, um, quality and texture. Remember to eat plenty of protein and fibre – lots of nuts and seeds, lots of protein-packed veggies like peas, brussel sprouts, corn, spinach, broccoli, potatoes – sweet potatoes are delicious and each has 3g of protein.  Take a dairy free probiotic pill daily. Remember to DRINK LOTS of water all day.

Good luck! And remember that your decision to turn vegan may take a while to achieve but your commitment to your body and the earth is for life!

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