How To Get In Shape In Two Weeks

How To Get In Shape In Two Weeks

The countdown has begun. You have two weeks to go until you board that plane for sunnier climes, beach body ready to wear your bikini except…you try on your bikini from last year and either it’s shrunk in the wash, or you’ve grown in the flippin UK rain. Hmpf. Well, never fear! Here’s how to get in shape in two weeks.

While we definitely do not condone crash dieting, we can certainly help you to change your diet and habits for the two weeks before your holiday to help you get into better shape and save you the money of buying a new bikini! You’ll look and feel healthier and be raring to enjoy all the fun your holiday has in store for you.

So how? Well, all the best health and lifestyle sites say the key is to boost the intensity of your current workouts to speed up your metabolism and burn more fat.

But diet is important too. You need to create a calorie deficit – consume fewer calories than you burn by eliminating unnecessary calories, get rid of the sugar! Just two weeks of cutting out the sugar – hidden and otherwise – in your diet and trust us, you’ll notice the difference!

Diet and exercise can help you tone up, clear the lungs and feel fitter in as little as two weeks but it you make everyday changes you can boost this. Walk to work for two weeks – save money and give yourself some you time at the same time! Walk the dog, your neighbour’s dog or even a stray! Get cleaning, use the kettle to get your squats on, do twenty crunches before your shower in the morning. Do all this for two weeks and we guarantee you’ll put that bikini back on and strut your stuff in style in two weeks!

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