How to Escape Colds and the Flu During Winter

How to Escape Colds and the Flu During Winter

Nobody likes getting a cold. Runny nose, coughing, sore throat, feeling weak and unwell – all of the symptoms are simply so annoying! And it is even worse if you get the flu, which you could call a cold on steroids. Luckily, we have a built-in system that can help us prevent them. We just need to help it a bit. Read on to see how.


One of the easiest ways to boost your immune system is to eat healthy food, especially fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C is the best friend of our immune system, and it can be found in many easily obtainable and tasty food items. For example, you can make a lemonade and add some honey instead of sugar. It will be healthier than the ordinary lemonade would be, lemon will provide the vitamin C, and honey, being amazing for everything related to health, will additionally help strengthen your immunity. Another great source of the vitamin C is kiwi. It is called ‘a vitamin bomb’ for a reason. Eating a single large kiwi can be enough to meet your body’s daily need of it.


It might not seem obvious, but regular exercise and keeping a healthy weight can also boost your immune system, together with overall health. It does not mean that you have to go run ten kilometers through the snow every day, of course, but exercise of any sort for half an hour three times a week will help your body become stronger and  healthier in many ways, from cardiovascular health and having more energy, to, as expected, boosting your immunity. It also builds up a good habit for life, even when the season of colds and the flu passes. So find a YouTube video of the type of exercise you are interested in, download an app on your phone, or get a subscription in the nearest gym, and start exercising today!


When a person does not get enough sleep, especially if it happens often, their body can not work properly. While it is trying to keep you awake and working throughout the day, it is putting a strain on your body and health, including the immune system. In the 21st century, when life seems to always go faster and faster, it might seem impossible to sleep for  7 to 9 hours every night, but it is worth considering changing some things in your life to make it happen. If you cannot fall asleep, though, try turning your phone or laptop off at least an hour before you go to sleep, drinking a herbal tea, maybe even finding an audio track of white noise or rain or sea sounds.


During winter, when many people are suffering from a cold or a flu, there will always be some germs wherever you go. Because of that, it is more important than ever to wash your hands regularly, not eat or drink after other people that might be sick (or in contact with someone sick… which means pretty much everyone), and maybe, if you are really worried, avoid crowded places when you can. Carrying a small bottle of hand disinfectant in your bag is also a good idea.

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