How To Do Your First Pull Up Workout!

How To Do Your First Pull Up Workout!

The day you do your first pull up is the day you know you no longer suffer from bingo-batty arms. But if, like me, you’re still aspiring to this monumental achievement (don’t scoff until you’ve actually tried to do one!), here is a fab way to train those arms into picking up the rest of your slick physique with ease.

Here are two exercises I’ve found on the internet which will help us to achieve our goal of doing our first ever pull up! Each of the five exercises listed below help train the exact muscles you need to achieve strong and effective pull ups.


This exercise requires you to choose a dumbbell of a weight that feels heavy enough to challenge you. It will strengthen your back muscles – the very ones you need to support you when you do your first pull up. Ensure you are in the optimal position for performing the exercise:

  1. Stand next to your bed or a table that will provide good support if you lean against it.
  2. Place your left hand and left knee on top of the flat surface
  3. Now pick up the weight in your right hand.
  4. Slowly bring the object up to the side of your chest, keeping your back straight.
  5. Lower the weight back down to straighten the arm.
  6. Repeat this move, each time concentrating on utilizing your back muscles.
  7. Switch over and repeat the exercise but this time with your left arm


Door pulls are fabulous and make you feel soooo strong! They are also a great way to train your arms, core and back in lieu of doing the real thing.

To be fair, they are probably the easiest pull up variation to start with.

  1. Find a door with space on either side.
  2.  Hold on to the handles and with your feet on either side of the door.
  3. Straighten your body.
  4. Pull yourself up and hold
  5. Release your body, lowering yourself as far as you can go before pulling your body weight up again.

photo credit: Body Tribe

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