How to Do A Digital Detox

How to Do A Digital Detox

My flatmate is always telling me to get off my phone. Apparently he can never have a conversation with me without me looking at it, checking it is there, next to me, on, or reading something that is oh so important.

This is rude, I know it is. And generally, I’m not a rude person. It’s like a reaction, a habit. It has become a natural art of my body’s many habits to check my phone. Be it social media, email, even the internet. Every few minutes. I even have a buzz in my thigh when my phone is NOT in my pocket.

So, I’m a casualty, and it is time for a bit of cold turkey or detoxing. Easy. I know I rely a little too much on my online activity as some type of lifeline. And it can’t be healthy. And it’s detoxing is definitely going to be hard. Maybe it’s time for rehab.

If you decide you need a digital detox, imagine how your inter-personal behaviour with those around you would change if you didn’t have digital technology in your palm all the time.

How to Digitally Detox? 

I’m going to schedule it during a holiday, a change of scenery, is as good as rest, and I’ll have no work commitments, so no damned need for my phone! Or excuse, anyway.

If you decide to do it at home, it can prove impractical, however, you can create conditions that complement your daily life without affecting your work.

Choose one day a week – Sunday, for example –  or even set rules for turning off all devices during certain hours, like during dinner or before work. Get people involved – all turn off your phones together and …talk?

There’s an app to help you with your digital detox. It shuts down your phone at a predetermined time and for a predetermined time period (from 30 minutes to one month). Sometimes it’s easier to let others make the decisions for you!

If you want to improve your sleep, conversation, relationships, smell (trust me on this), perceptions, observations, skin, hair… the list is endless… I suggest a technology detox… you might even get to learn something new, outside of Google!

photo credit: Sydney Campus


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