How To Choose A Personal Trainer

How To Choose A Personal Trainer

Summer brings out the best in us. We feel happier as we prepare for our summer hols and start up 4-week exercise plans to make sure we can fit into our swimwear. We watch Youtube vids, buy exercise DVDs, we follow diet and exercise plans in mags. But for those with a bit of disposable money or enough willpower to give up the booze for a tigher bum, the best way to beat the bulge in a short space of time, or even start a longer-term regime, is to get a personal trainer.

But how to choose the right personal trainer, especially if you have never used one before? Here are some great tips we have collated from across the internet and from asking people who use them.

1) Ask your friends. We’ve all got one friend who is toned and dedicated to remaining that way thanks to the loving care of a PT. Ask that friend where they found their PT, what their plan is, how much they cost etc.  Otherwise, search the NRPT directory ( for trainers in your area.

2) Once you have found a local PT, have a chat. Ask more questions. Will the trainer be able to work around your lifestyle without making training inconvenient to you? Can they do the same time each week or change according to your schedule?

3) What’s their personality like? Will you get on? Will you want to meet regularly with them and build up a relationship? Will you be able to put up with them on a regular basis without wanting to a) punch them in the face, or b) fall in love with their face. Both will equally spell the end of your training.

4) Make sure they are on the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) and the National Register of Personal Trainers (NRPT).

5) Finally, remember that a PT is for a short period of time, not for life!  The idea is to train you up so that you can train on your own effectively!

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