The Holistic Approach: Apps

The Holistic Approach: Apps

The holistic approach to life has been digitalised. These days we have the technology to quantify and predict our behaviour, in the pursuit of health and happiness, at our fingertips.

Literally, on our mobile phones. It is now possible to track and monitor our lives in order to change bad habits or improve ourselves, count our calories- predicting when we tend to overeat or, when we feel happiest, when we’re most productive etc- through a phone app. There are apps which can monitor every aspect of our lives in the name of self-improvement, and that includes our consciousness and holistic health.

Check two out below. Both are used for micro-journalling and helping you to chart the patterns within your life, your good and bad habits, over long periods of time, thus helping you to make better choices, over time.

Simply Being

This guided meditation app costs £1.49 and is made by the creators of the Meditation Oasis podcast. It offers 5 different meditation times and gives you the option of a guided meditation with or without music or nature sounds, which you can also listen to alone.


This meditation app is slightly more expensive at £3.99 but is designed to help you to establish and maintain a daily meditation practice. It has lots of positive reviews for its ‘elegant’ interface – it includes a journal which is said to be comparable to many of the more popular standalone journal or note taking apps – all of the data can be printed or exported to a spreadsheet and each entry is e-mailable – not sure why you’d want to do that, but you might be particularly pleased or upset with one session, I guess, or you might be a blogger and want to share your progress with the world. This app also integrates with your own iPod music and has a timer feature too.

photo credit: Liberia OW

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