Healthy & Delicious – The Acai bowl (smoothie)

Healthy & Delicious – The Acai bowl (smoothie)

Have you heard about the Acai bowl? It’s the new breakfast smoothie trend that’s hanging around!

In the last year many health bloggers have been raging on about it. The Acai bowl is a large breakfast bowl of fruit and goodness. It tastes like a smoothie but fills as if  you’ve eaten a bowl of granola. Great for those that aren’t big breakfast eaters.

Not only is it mega healthy, its also delicious too. In pretty much every corner from New York to Hawaii, you will find an Acai bowl. But for those of us that don’t livk anywhere near the pacific or have one of those trendy cafe’s near by, you can also decide to make them yourself!

How to!

Making it yourself isn’t difficult at all. You just need a few things to start off with. But first let me tell you that there are different types of the Acai/smoothie bowls.  You can even use Acai powder for example instead of the actual berries and mix it with rasberries and frozen bananas. The powder isn’t the only option of course.  A lot of people just put their fruit in the blender and put it in a bowl, and then decorate it with Chia seeds, pineapple and coconut  flakes. Why not just call it a smoothie? I hear you ask. Because its in a bowl, duuuuh!

What will I need?

If you’re planning on using the Acai powder than you can buy this at an organic grocery store. Follow the instructions on the package for usage.  Something which is also pretty handy, is to put your fruit, including your banana’s (peeled) in the freezer so that you have it ready and nice and cold the next day. A chilled banana makes your smoothie a lot thinker and more filling. If you don’t like banana’s or don’t feel like waiting until tomorrow but still want it to be filling, then you can use oats instead or as well.

Once you’ve got all your ingredients together, its just a question of blending. Enjoy!

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